Music Delivery Service

Distribute your music for free on all of the world’s largest music marketplaces at once, and earn income from its sale in a convenient way


Бесплатная доставка альбомов

Автоматическая доставка Ваших музыкальных альбомов на цифровые площадки 24/7


Контроль качества

Наша опытная команда поможет подготовить Ваши релизы к публикации на цифровых площадках



Взаимодействуем с кураторами на цифровых площадках, чтобы Ваши релизы получили максимальный охват


Удобные выплаты

Получайте доход от продажи музыки в Вашей локальной валюте, удобными методами оплаты


Content distribution

Worldwide music distribution

We provide a quality and efficient music distribution service with no subscription fees, no content delivery charges, allowing our customers to remain independent, and retain control of their creativity. Get the most out of your music with our technology, global distribution network, royalty management system and exclusive marketing tools.

Доставка контента

Наше современное программное обеспечение позволяет распространять контент в кратчайшие сроки, на все ведущие цифровые площадки.

Наши сервисы

Мы верим в успех наших клиентов

Поддержка клиентов

Мы поможем разобраться в тонкостях подготовки релизов к публикации

Доставка альбомов

Распространяем Вашу музыку на всех актуальных цифровых площадках


Сотрудничаем с музыкальными редакторами цифровых площадок


Создаем еженедельные музыкальные подборки и актуальные плейлисты

Контроль качества

Помогаем соблюдать требования к оформлению музыкальных альбомов

Авторские права

Помогаем защитить права с помощью систем идентификации контента

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Build an artist's career on your own terms

The main goal of our work is for new generation artists to have full control over their creative path, at all stages of their career development, independently managing all the processes of release placement on music platforms

  • Digital distribution
  • Digital strategy
  • Retail marketing
  • Financing
  • Audience development
  • Pitching a track
  • Playlist Marketing
  • Physical distribution
  • Offline marketing
  • International development
  • Digital marketing
  • Direct licensing
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • PR

Монетизация Вашей музыки в YouTube

We partner with copyright experts with years of monetization and rights protection experience, allowing us to effectively collect additional revenue from the use of your music on YouTube.

Copyright protection

We instantly protect your music with YouTube’s Content ID and Facebook’s Rights Manager to ensure your releases benefit from reposts and fan videos.

Additional income

Unlike other distributors, we do not charge any additional fee to include your music in YouTube’s catalog of licensed content.

License your music for television, movies, or games

Our team is constantly looking for opportunities to license content directly, with additional agreements to place music on television, movies, video games and commercials.


Your music needs to be heard! ANYWAV’s effective promotional tools allow you to get your tracks to the most important people.

Start your music career today

Research the most frequently asked questions

We offer all kinds of services and solutions for placing music on digital platforms.

To begin with you need to leave a request for cooperation, after its consideration you will receive further instructions for registration on the portal to the e-mail specified by you.

You will get access to a personal account where you can create your own music releases and publish them on digital platforms.

Depending on your country of residence and the type of agreement, you may be able to receive income payments from the sale of digital music in dollars, euros, or rubles.

No, we distribute music for free. We only charge you for providing additional services and options.